Ventilating the house addition

When my husband and I watched the last of our three kids move out to attend college, there was a small period of sadness. Empty nest syndrome hit us both pretty hard, and we found ourselves trying to keep in touch with the other children and our own families. After a few weeks though, we discovered that we had far more freedom to change our house around to our liking, and that helped us immensely with getting used to our new lives! One thing the both of us always wanted was a small recreational room added onto the side of the house. Nothing too fancy, but a decent space for me to do yoga and for him to participate when he wants. Initially, we designed the space to be a sun-room, so there’s plenty of windows to let natural light and heat into the space. It’s great, except it would also make the room very cold during the Winter! Having only one completely insulated wall for a room can do that I suppose. So, during the design of the room, we reached out to a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor for some advice and suggestions to keep the room warm during the colder months. After looking over the plans for the room, the contractors told us we should look into creating some vent spaces in the wall between the sun-room and our living room. I didn’t understand why, until he said we should also pick up a duct booster or two to install in there as well. It was exactly what it sounded like – the duct booster would increase airflow and circulation between two adjacent rooms and with minimal demolition to existing walls! It was far more appealing than trying to install new ducts in the house. Once we got the construction team’s approval for the idea, we adjusted the blueprints for the room to account for it. I love when we find simple fixes to keep the ball rolling on these projects!

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