Ventilation factors and how they work

How several people do you guess can say they’ve lived through a category three hurricane? Well, that depends on where you live and who you ask. In the far northeast of the country, I doubt anyone even knows what a hurricane looks or sounds like up close. However here in the southeastern region, hurricanes are as commonplace as deer on the side of the highway! Like an unsuspecting deer staring at you as you make your way down the interstate, knowing that the hurricane is there doesn’t make it any less terrifying if you collide with it. For me, I spent too long staring at a water spout breaking through neighborhood plus not enough time running to my basement for cover! By some miracle, I was able to hide in my bathtub, plus listen as my town house was practically torn off the ground around me… When the chaos was over, I stared in awe as my townhome was nothing more than a few foundation support beams plus little chunks of wall. Even though the disaster was real, but there was something wonderful in it: I have a career as a heating and air conditioning contractor, so the destruction meant I was about to have a lot of business to look forward to for many months from now! As people rebuilt their beach homes, they would need new ductwork installed, plus new heating and air conditioning device put into site. It also meant that I would make more than enough money during these renovations that I could afford having my own townhome rebuilt – plus I’d save thousands of dollars in labor costs by handling the replacement myself! It’s wonderful to have a plan for events enjoy this, but it’s even better to have an occupation that’s perfect for these times. I suppose the water spout had just ended at the time, but as I looked out at all the wrecked homes, all I could see was opportunity to rebuild plus gain some business!

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