Ventilation in the building

I recently visited with my best friend. She lives in a different state, and I had to take an airplane. I have a real fear of flying, but I wanted to spend some time with my bestie. We hadn’t seen each other since college graduation. That was almost 2 years ago. My best friend and I graduated from the same college, and we earned a degree in the same field. We shared many classes together, over a six-year period. I was so excited to hang out with Drew. We both love smoking cigars, and often spent time at the cigar bar by our college campus. Men were alway surprised to see two women enjoying a fine cigar. Drew told me all about a cool cigar bar next to her apartment. She took me there, once we had a free day together. They hand roll cigars in hemp paper. The cigar shop had a small sitting area, with comfortable chairs and magazines. The cigar shop smelled clean and fresh, which was very surprising. My best friend pointed out the ventilation system. The ventilation system was set up to be automated. They had smoke sensors strategically placed on the walls. The smoke sensors were programmed to quickly sense large levels of smoke. At a specific level, the sensors trigger the automated ventilation system. The whole ventilation system is technologically advanced. In addition to the automated sensors, there were several different ventilation fans located in the ceiling. They never ran at the same time, and I think they were also running on an automated schedule.