Ventilation in the kitchen

Baking has always been a hobby of mine. I learned my way around the kitchen at the hem of my grandmother’s long skirt. She was the head of the household, and spent about four or five hours a day preparing various meals for her many children and grandchildren. I was especially deft at baking, she always told me, and picked up many of her tips and tricks as I grew up. Now I am very busy, with my own family and career, but I still enjoy baking whenever I can, it helps me to relax. I am afraid that the range hood in my kitchen is breaking down, and the ventilation in the room is becoming unbearably bad. It has been a number of years since I have had a ventilation technician come and take a look at the air vents. It might have been that long since the ductwork, air filters, and grates have been cleaned, as well, which is probably a bad thing. I don’t burn my food very often, so my need for a strong ventilation system are not very pressing, but it is getting pretty bad. The indoor air quality of the entire house is starting to deteriorate at a rapid pace. At the very least I need to invest in a good portable air filter to put in the kitchen when I cook. I really don’t want to pay the high cost of having an HVAC expert come out for repairs, so I hope I can find a lower cost alternative to rescue my indoor air quality.

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