Very advanced technology

I was moving into the city, but I wanted to scope it out before I moved my family.  My boss paid for me to stay in a hotel while I looked for an apartment for us. I found it interesting that most of the people I met didn’t have a driver’s license.  It appeared that the Mass Transit was so reliable that it was cheaper and easier for them to just take the subway or the bus, wherever they went. I was truly amazed when I found out that the subway cars don’t have drivers.  The subway is fully automated and it is controlled by the use of a central terminal. They do have a person in the car, but it is only to address any issues that only a person can deal with, such as if there is a need to pull the emergency brake.  The speed, stops and even the air quality is all controlled through the terminal. I soon found out that nearly every part of the city was under some kind of automated system. It made me wonder just what would happen if the power were to go off. I was talking to the front desk  man and he told me that they were prepared in the event that the power should go off. In the hotel, although the air conditioning wouldn’t work, the air quality would remain the same because there is a generator that is set to turn on as soon as it senses that the power was down.  There would be enough lighting that no one would be in the dark.