Very humid weather

I had been searching for the perfect house for months, and I was getting a bit disgruntled.  I finally saw an ad for an open house and it was the neighborhood I wanted to live. I talked to my husband and we decided to go to the open house.  We hoped that this would be the perfect home for us, and we went in there with high hopes. We had our hopes dashed when we were greeted with a warm house and only some fans to cool us off.  The realtor apologized, and she insisted that we look at the house. She said that she had already called the HVAC company to have them come out and repair the air conditioning, but they just hadn’t arrived yet.  We looked at the house, and I really loved the kitchen. My husband fell in love with the amount of space in the garage. When we saw the huge master bedroom with the huge bathroom and walk in closet, we knew it was the house we had been looking for.  Without air conditioning, we also knew that it was not meant to be. We were just getting ready to leave when the HVAC repairman showed up at the door. My husband was watching as he repaired the air conditioning unit, and within minutes, there was cool air blowing from the air vents.  It was the sign we needed to know that this was our new home. We signed the paperwork the same day and within a few short months, we were living in our home.

heater repair