Visiting our friends south

We love visiting my sister and her family.  They live down south, but we’re a few hours north.  We don’t have a chance to get together as often as we’d like, so when we do, we make the most of it.  All the kids go outside to play, and the adults stay inside, drinking sodas and playing cards. We catch up on old times, telling stories about our childhood, just having a ball.  Eventually the children come back in, ready for dinner, so we order a few pizzas and set up some extra card tables so everyone has room. When it gets late, we send the kids to bed and follow soon after.  Everything’s always pleasant during the trips, except for one thing. It’s just too hot! We’re used to milder temperatures, so going down south is always a shock to us. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem except that my sister and her husband are used to the heat, so they don’t tend to turn on their air conditioner nearly as often as we’d like.  They leave windows open and ceiling fans running, when we’d prefer a more substantial cooling system. Sometimes I’ll sneak to the thermostat and set it at a cooler temperature, but it’s still too warm, and we end up sweating. Sometimes I wonder whether their HVAC unit may not be properly working! However, on the other hand, when they visit us during the winter, they complain our furnace doesn’t function properly either, and suggest we call our HVAC provider to come check it.  Who knew heating and cooling systems could pose such a problem within the family!

air and heat