Voice activated thermostat

When I was 9 I got my first gaming system, and from that point on my life became a love affair with computer and technology. Most girls my age were into dolls or sports, but not me, I was a techno-geek to my core. That first video game system ignited something deep within me, something that still burns hot to this very day. I have made my career in tech, and have renovated my home to reflect my passion in life. Long before Alexa became everyone’s buddy, I custom coded my own home voice recognition software. I was able to code in commands that allowed me to control the entire electrical grid and HVAC system with verbal orders. It was not nearly as flexible or adaptive as Alexa is, of course, this was year ago, but I could say cooling and it would turn on the AC. If I said furnace then the heat turned on, which was quite impressive to all of my technophile buddies.  Over the years I have been able to greatly improve my origin code, and now my HVAC system is so advanced it rarely needs me to say anything. I even have a cool trick programmed in I call the “red zone” when I may or may not want the temperature controls adjusted. When this happens, the program will verbally ask me if I want the heating or the cooling turned on, and I have to answer yes or no. How the times have changed, when now the air conditioner asks me if it should turn on or not!

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