Wait, what’s going on?

I have a neighbor who is in the market for a new house in our section & so he’s been driving around all over the locale looking for a locale that he likes. So far, the only house that he absolutely prefers & that is in a absolutely fantastic section has a big problem. The concern is that the house, during basically fantastic shape, has a completely defunct & worn out HVAC system. The oil furnace method was broken down & they definitely needed to get a whole new oil furnace installed in the basement oil furnace room. My neighbor said that he was trying to decide if he wanted to buy a house & then have to turn around & spend lots of money on installing a brand new HVAC system unit. He said that he was going to ask the sellers if they might be willing to work on the price of the house some since he was going to be spending at least $4,000 as soon as they finished with the closing. I thought that it definitely wouldn’t work, since the house was priced pretty inexpensively to begin with. I told him that maybe they had priced it that low to start with because they knew that whoever purchased the house would have to put in a new oil furnace & central air conditioning system method almost instantly. My neighbor absolutely prefers the house & so I know he should go ahead & put an offer in on the house anyway. I mean, the house is definitely pretty cheap & so it won’t be too much of a financial strain for him to have to pay for an HVAC supplier to come out & install a new HVAC method in the house.

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