Waiting for the call

My husband has terrible asthma and COPD. He has been sick for twenty years, and the disease is getting worse every day. The symptoms can be debilitating, and my husband has trouble sleeping, breathing, and  walking. We even have a special HVAC unit. A medical team installed the equipment, after my doctor said the specialty equipment was necessary to resume good physical health.

                 The HVAC unit is equipped with an air filtration system. When there are problems with the air filtration system, we have to contact a specialist. It can be very expensive to call a specialist. My husband and I found this out the hard way. Last summer, the air filtration system stopped working. It took some time to realize we had a problem, because the air filtration system works in tandem with the HVAC unit. We didn’t notice the air filtration system wasn’t working, until my husband was suffering from symptoms. He was having trouble sleeping at night, and he was coughing and hacking all day. We saw dust building up on our intake vents, and I knew something wasn’t functioning right.

                 We called the medical supply store, because they recommended the HVAC company to install our whole system. They gave us the name and telephone number for an air filtration system specialist. They want $250 just to come examine the system. My wife called them a few days ago, and she is still waiting on a return call. She left two messages with the answering service. If we don’t hear something soon, I’m going to contact the medical supply store again.