Waiting for the HVAC company

As much as I wanted to get a new heating and air conditioning system for our home, I knew we couldn’t afford it.

My husband and I were retired, and unfortunately, our credit had been maxxed while waiting for my retirement and his disability to go through.

I cursed the government for making us wait for six months before we could get any help, but we knew we should have been saving. Now, all we could do was wait for the HVAC company to come out to try to fix our furnace, just one more time. Now too long ago, I was talking to a neighbor of mine who was living with just a space heater in their home, for over a year now. They had a couple of fans in the summer and a space heater they carried with them in the winter. She said they couldn’t afford to purchase a new furnace, or to have their HVAC system fixed. They did what they could, but her husband’s health came first and they didn’t have any money or credit left. I swore this would never happen to my husband and I, but it did. Doctor bills had to be paid, and the insurance never paid all of the bills, but we still had to pay for the insurance. We sat shivering in our home, while we waited for the HVAC to try to get us some heat. I had a space heater, but it didn’t heat even one room. We thought about moving somewhere else, but we would need to pay rent, and at least our home was paid for. We will just need to wait for the HVAC company.
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