Waiting for the HVAC tech

I was so excited last week when my best friend was going to come into town and visit for a substantial amount of time. We really never get to see each other for more than two days at a time, and usually that period is fraught with plans and distractions. Living in distant cities and both having intensive jobs really limits our ability to see each other and hang out like we always used to. Last week, though, it was on. She was set to come into our city on Wednesday, and we would have until the next Monday to spend time together. Of course, fate would play a different game on us. Wednesday morning came along, and I received several messages from my best friend about her furnace. Apparently the central heat had been off when she and her boyfriend woke up that morning, and the thermostat was reading 40 degrees. They couldn’t get the furnace or thermostat to respond to their requests for more heat, so they had a professional HVAC technician on the way. Now, she was stuck there waiting for the ventilation tech to arrive and repair the furnace before she could hit the road. Why wouldn’t this happen, it’s just our luck. She wound up spending most of the day sitting at home with the furnace repairman, and in the end she couldn’t drive my way until nightfall. Our first day of seeing each other was totally lost to the furnace repair effort. To make matters worse, the heating job was incomplete and she had to return by Monday morning to await the next HVAC visit.

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