Want a greener HVAC option

When a new neighbor of mine told me he was installing a new HVAC system in his place, I thought he was going to just get a usual HVAC system, however when I learned that he was getting a geothermal HVAC system, I was totally shocked. I thought that would be a fortune to have installed as I have heard those types of systems are very costly, but he said that he wasn’t upset about the cost because he had been saving up for years for a system like this. He was explaining to me that regardless of the initial upgrade cost, he would recover his money through the incredible savings… The way he broke it down to me was care about this: The geothermal HVAC system is so energy efficient because it pulls heating and cooling energy from the earth, because there is no fuel required and minimal electricity to run the heat pump, this is very the most energy efficient HVAC system to date. When he broke it down to me like that, I was so impressed, it made me want to get a nice geothermal HVAC system myself. I was thinking it would also be great to have a nice climate control system like that with a brand new smart control unit. When I mentioned the smart control component to him, he said he didn’t even think about that. It is my understanding that with a smart control unit, you are able to save even more energy. The smart control component is able to recommend the most ideal energy saving settings and will adjust to your favorite settings automatically. We both agreed that with a nice geothermal HVAC system, might as well go all out with the perfect smart control unit.

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