Want a new boiler instead

My home’s heater is currently a forced air gas furnace. This includes a duct system concealed in the walls, ceilings, and basement which have supply and return vents in each room. The furnace is run on fossil fuels to generate heat which is then dispersed into the rooms through the vents.  I would prefer a boiler and radiant flooring. With a furnace heating system, the hot air rises too far off the ground. If I stand at the top of a ladder, it’s actually hot. However, standing on the floor, I am forced to bundle up because it’s nippy. I tend to habitually raise the thermostat setting and then pay far more in energy bills. I need to concern myself with monthly filter changes, annual maintenance and the proper services to the duct system. The system is noisy and sends a whole bunch of allergens into breathing air, like dust, pollen and bacteria. I need to be careful that my furniture doesn’t block any of the vents. Radiant flooring is better because it is entirely concealed beneath the subfloor, taking up absolutely none of your precious living space. Radiant flooring relies on water to transport heat energy, which results in a silent, clean and efficient process. I could set much more conservative temperatures without sacrificing comfort. The heat would envelope the room from the floor up, reaching corner to corner evenly

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