Want a new cooling unit

My best bud and I have been sharing a dwelling for a few years. My best bud and I have known each other since kindergarten. The two of us have been friends for a long time. When Ben advised getting a house together, I was a little skeptical. Ben is a wonderful guy, although he prefers to spend currency. Ben always spends a lot of time at the poker room, and I was very concerned he would not pay the rent on time. Ben assured me that everything would be alright. The two of us found a 2-bedroom apartment, a couple of miles away from our jobs. Ben and I have never paid the rent late, during the many years the two of us have lived in this apartment. Everything was wonderful, until early last month. Ben and I were having issues with our air conditioning appliance unit. The air conditioning appliance component is a window type, with heating and cooling capability. Our dwelling was not equipped with central air, so I purchased a window air conditioning appliance component from a pawn shop. That was many years ago. When the air conditioning appliance was beginning to go, I asked Ben to help purchase a new air conditioning appliance unit. Ben thought I would buy a new air conditioning appliance unit. I didn’t have the currency to buy a new air conditioning appliance unit by myself. Ben has been hemming and hawing about paying half of the bill, although I honestly believe that is fair. The two of us discovered a few air conditioning appliance units on Craigslist, and they will not cost much currency. I hope Ben will come to his senses soon, because I do not enjoy arguing with my best bud.

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