Want an electric based heating system

In the woods, I own a nice and comfy cabin retreat. It’s great in the summer because it’s right by a lake that’s perfect for swimming and relaxing. It’s even better in the winter though. I couldn’t enjoy anything more than looking at the snow falling outside while drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate and reading a good book in front of the fireplace. The cabin’s fireplace makes for a great getaway from electronics and gadgets we all rely on nowadays. While the furnace I have at home tends to be a little more convenient, my fireplace brings in that warm nostalgic feeling. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in the realm of fireplace maintenance and things like chopping wood, but my husband Dave is an expert on all of it. He’s a heating and cooling technician, so he knows all there is to know about anything that warms up or cools down a space. He insists on being the one to start or put out the fire anyway. While I think he is just being a control freak, he insists every time that there is a proper way to handle the fire. He assumes I am not one for detail, and he is quite right about that. All I care about is if the fireplace is burning. He tells me all the time that opening the fireplace flue before starting the fire helps to keep the air free of any smoke that may be harmful. I am well aware that I need to proceed with more caution when it comes to using the fireplace, so I just let Dave handle it every time.

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