Want boiler to be my water heater-who do I call to do this?

I want to hook up my boiler to my water heater. A boiler is a home heating system that heats water in a tank. The heated water then allows the boiler to provide home heating. You can use this water with heated floors too. Set up piping with the boiler system, and then the hot water from the boiler’s tank flows through the pipes. The piping gets warm with the hot water, and then you have heated floors. I want to use this hot water and pump it into my plumbing instead though. Online, there are tons of videos on how to hook up a boiler to your water heater. I don’t know if I am that handy though. The video always features a bunch of men in it with a wide variety of tools. As a single woman with a very limited knowledge of heating and plumbing with no tools, I don’t know if this is the job for me. I think I should hire a service to do this hook up process. Who do I call though? Since the majority of the work is with the boiler system, I would think I should call my HVAC company. My HVAC contractor is NATE certified. Part of his certification entails boiler service too. This means he is highly qualified in all things boiler related. So he should know how to do a water heater hook up. However, since the boiler is connecting to my plumbing, should I call a plumber instead? The last thing I want to do is mess up my plumbing system.

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