Want Fresh air? Then get a Heat Return Vent

Have you ever noticed that strong odor that consistently lingers in houses that have not been occupied recently? Every home has its own singular smell to it, but they all begin to odor stagnant and stale when people haven’t been living there.

It’s a genuinely distinct, and unpleasant sensation whenever you walk into a modern house and it odors abandoned.

I particularly do not enjoy how suddenly this odor sets into my own house. I can be gone for 8 hours at my work, then return it to find that the lake house has a choir that musty unoccupied odor. I cannot handle it! I do not guess why the air quality decreases so suddenly while I’m gone, because I keep the central heating and cooling plan running most of the time. It seems enjoy there should be ample airflow and ventilation to stir up the stagnant air and reduce the different smell. I have tried to increase my air filters several times, hoping that this would help to decrease the unfortunately stagnant odors, however, nothing seems to work. I finally called up my local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C expert and asked what I could do to improve the air quality in my home, starting with the odors. He suggested that I change up my central heating and cooling plan by installing a return air vent. This is a straight-forward measure that pulls in as much air from the outside as it pumps out from inside. This effectively replenishes your fresh air in the house as the high quality treated air is circulated through your HVAC ducts. Rather than breathing the same old are day after day, you can actively refresh the stagnant indoor air.It’s a straight-forward upgrade procedure and my monthly budget for this project isn’t genuinely high. I’m totally on board. I’ll do anything to cut down on this empty house odor!