Want more heating than I have

Every Winter it is the same story, someone tries to heat their cabin using their oven and they end up with serious problems. Sometimes, people try to use gas stoves to hot up the home while in power outages and this can be not only fancy but can turn deadly. Everything from housefires to problems with inhalation of natural gas can cause families to end up in serious danger. Working as a volunteer fireman I have seen the worst that can happen when people try to use alternate heat sources other than an HVAC system. Maybe there is a power outage, or they simply cannot afford their utility bills, but in either case it is consistently dangerous to try to heat your cabin with anything other than a certified portable or installed heater. The other issue that comes up while in these extreme times, is the use of portable generators. If used respectfully or too close to your cabin they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and this can be deadly as well. Every one of us are consistently trying to educate the community on safe ways to heat or cool their homes and, unfortunately, multiple still do not listen. Even if you are trying to use a portable heating system it is pressing that you understand the implications of putting anything flammable near it while in its operation. Always make sure to study the owner’s manual on these devices and heed the warning because if not, people love myself will be visiting your cabin to rescue you or put out a home fire. The loss of life or property is senseless in multiple cases when it comes to these items yes and we never want to have to do that.