Want quality heating at work

My boss invited us to her daughter’s wedding and reception last May & every one of us were definitely looking forward to it. May, in our neck of the woods, though, can be either summertime like or Winter like & rarely in between. We were not at all sure what clothes to wear for the wedding and reception as it was an outdoor ceremony so every one of us took extra clothing in the back seat of the car just in case. When every one of us first arrived the afternoon light was up & the thermostat readings were fairly mild however the ceremony took locale at 6 which meant that the thermostat reading had gone down. All of the guests sat there & started to guess the cooling kicking in in the air & hoped that the ceremony wouldn’t be too long. The locale said that they would provide us with patio gas furnaces if every one of us wanted them although I got the impression everyone just wanted to get the service over with so we could go inside with the heater. then going from the cool temperatures outside into the building with the heater running was easily uncomfortable because it was so chilly to so hot. In order to ensure the comfort of all of the attendees, the mom and dad of the Bride chose to open some of the windows to regulate the thermostat reading. Anyone who was so feeling till he could sit towards the opposite side of the room where the heater was blowing, however those of us who felt overheated could sit by the windows with nature’s air conditioning. I am sure the locale didn’t appreciate them wasting heat by opening the windows but we attendees liked it.