Want the cooling system kept well

Last weekend, I was there for my friend when he was trying to move into his new place. Well, moving is never an easy process, but there I was, honoring a promise I made to him about how I would be there for him no matter what! I was disappointed though, as I was the only one there to help him move. Plus, a lot of his things weren’t even packed yet! Basically, I had to help him pack at least half of his things, and the one good thing about that was how he didn’t have much to move. It still took a lengthy amount of time, and what bothered me the most was his refusal to crank the air conditioning up! I couldn’t understand why when I asked him to adjust the temperature control settings on the temperature control, only for him to say he wasn’t trying to waste energy. He worried about getting a spike in his electric bill – on the day he moved out! Well sure, on any other day, I wouldn’t abuse the air conditioning while opening and shutting the front door all day. For this option, I felt that the people I was with and I needed to be kept cool while working to load and pack all of his boxes! He refused to budge when it came to lowering the temperature on the temperature control, but even though he refused, I stuck to my word with my promise like a good friend would. Though I’ll likely never help him move again, a promise is a promise! When the people I was with and I finally got all of his things into the moving truck, I was so thankful, not only for not needing numerous trips, but for the air conditioning that we had blasting in the truck! When we finally arrived to the new home, I was disappointed to learn that the electricity was not turned on! So there were no lights in addition to absolutely no air conditioning, then not that he would have turned it on anyway, however it was still disappointing. I couldn’t wait to be finished, in addition to I moved as fast as I could.