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     My pet plus I have the best, most mutually beneficial relationship ever, I swear it. We have vibed well off off each other since the day we met, plus I don’t see that changing any time soon; The two of us just have the same personalities plus generally don’t have any squabbles between us, unless he rolls in poop, but it might easily be the best relationship of our entire life. Another reason that I unquestionably love having him around is I can consistently blame things on him.

                 If I’m feeling like I can’t stand another minute of my partner’s driving, I can say that the pet looks like he needs time to go outside. If I want to stay at home instead of wasting time out on the town, I tell people that our pet isn’t feeling well plus I need to be with him… When I want to have a new oil furnace upgrade plus think that my partner won’t spend the money on a brand new furnace, I tell him that the pet is shivering cold all the time plus needs more warmth.

             About a month ago I began commenting on his awfully frosty little body plus mentioned all the times that our pet looked cold or coughed from awful air quality. I started littering the condo with Heating and A/C discount coupons plus articles about the new energy efficient oil furnaces on the market. I begged my partner to think of our old pet plus his desire to be comfortable in his final years. Wouldn’t you know, we got a brand new oil furnace last week, along with a full air duct cleaning plus thermostat replacement.

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