Want the heater serviced before Christmas

I want to get my gas furnace serviced before the holidays. Every Christmas the whole family comes over to my place. I have to supply food, seating and entertainment. It is a lot of work and stress. Anything I can do beforehand I try to do so it is less work on the actual day. I get all the presents wrapped and under the tree weeks before. I make sure the house is cleaned up right beforehand. I also cook and freeze part of the meal before the actual day. The last pre-holiday thing I need to do is get heating service. My HVAC company is making this next to impossible though. Since Christmas is right around the corner and everyone wants their heater serviced, the competition is rough. The HVAC business has all their hours tied up after 5. So I would have to take the day off of work to get a heating service appointment in. I have tried other businesses, been put on a waiting list and even offered more money to come after 5 any day of the week. Nope, it is not looking good for me. My options now are give up a whole work day, service the heater myself or just take a gamble on it. I really don’t want to do the third option. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if we lost heating? That would definitely ruin the entire Christmas. Not having appropriate heating would make everyone want to leave and all my work would be for nothing over an appointment.

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