Want the HVAC all handled

Last winter,  my wife and I were talking about putting in a new HVAC system.  We talked to the HVAC company and they told us that we probably had another ten years in the HVAC unit and it would be foolish to install a new one now.  The old furnace was working as efficiently as it was the day it was installed. We were talking about what to do to save money, and we decided we wanted to install a fireplace into the house.  I knew that a fireplace was quite an undertaking and it was going to be extremely expensive, but it was what we wanted. As we tried to find someone to install a fireplace, we kept running into walls.  There was no one in the area that would put up a fireplace in our home. One man told us to talk to the HVAC company; I called the HVAC company and I brought up the subject of fireplaces. He told us they had a man in the company who could install the fireplace for us.  He came over to see us and he brought pictures of different kinds of design, as well as stone and brick, that could be used in the fireplace. My wife wanted a hearth that could be used for cooking and he showed her a design where there was a brick oven built right in. She fell in love with that fireplace.  I know it is going to be a big undertaking, but we are definitely having our white brick fireplace installed this summer. We’ll have the heating from the fireplace, when winter begins.

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