Want the hydronic heating to work well

Up until the other day, I had never been late for work.  In an effort to keep from being late for the first time, I wrecked my apartment.  I had slept through the alarm because I had partied the night before. When I finally got up, I needed to shower, dress and do my hair, while putting on my makeup.  I had my coffee made and I ate a breakfast danish on the way to work. In my haste to get ready for work, I left my apartment in a pig pen mess. There were wet towels and wash cloths on the bathroom floor.  I had clothes strewn in the house and my sink had coffee grounds sitting in it. I was dreading going home and needing to clean up the mess. The worst of the mess was goiing to be the bathroom. Only once had I left wet towels and washcloths on my floor and by the time I got home, they were full of mildew and smelling really bad.  I had to throw them away. I had underestimated my heated flooring in the bathroom. My towels were as dry and fresh smelling as if I had just taken them from the dryer. I was really stoked now. I was considering what else I could use the radiant heated flooring for. I could save time trying to dry my delicates. I could lay them out on the heated floor and they would be ready for wear the next morning.  I was now going to find out how multifunctional heated flooring really was.

radiant heat