Want to add a ventilator-home is too airtight

My husband went nuts with making the home air tight. He sealed around all the doors and windows. We got insulation along the baseboards and around the windows redone. We even repaired all the leaks and cracks in the walls. The home is now perfectly airtight so cold air in winter and no hot air in the summer comes in. We get no air inside at all now. My husband thinks this is great and our energy bills are super low. I hate it though. The house is so stale and stuffy now. Yes, the cold air in the winter was not good for our heating system. But, not having any fresh air ever in the winter is horrible. I feel like I am going to die with the same icky air cycling over and over. Our heating system is not the cleanest either. So that dusty air quality just keeps rolling along. My husband suggested an air purifier, but that is not the issue. An air purification system is meant to just remove smells from the air basically. I want fresh outdoor air in the house. I can’t open windows in the winter though. I am now looking into adding a ventilator. The ventilator will allow this fresh air to come into the home without ruining my husband’s efficient bills. After spending so much on the airtight home, he is hesitant to buy anything else for the home. He also is worried the ventilator will open the home back up again to outdoor air leaking in. It doesn’t work that way though.

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