Want to add heated floors to the garage

My husband and I want to update our garage. We want to redo the flooring in there since it is so uneven. We want to add fresh pavement, smooth it out and add a HVAC system. After doing some research online, I found the perfect heating system for the garage. I can easily add radiant heating to the garage. The radiant heater is meant to go in the flooring of a space. My husband and I are already ripping out the old floor and replacing with new. So what we can do is rip everything up, have the heated flooring system installed and then lay new flooring over top. Nothing will get messed up or be torn out for no reason. It is said to be better for the heated floors to be done after a floor is completely ripped up. We won’t get cooling with this system, but heating should be enough. We are from the north, cooling is only necessary for about two months. Most of the time, the weather is freezing cold. The heated floors will come in handy for this. Our cars will no longer have ice on them from the cold leaking in the garage. The heated flooring will melt all the ice and make the cars feel toasty warm. Radiant heat absorbs into any object that touches it. No heated air will rise and there are no cold spots with this heating system. My husband and I think we might like heated floors enough to put them in our house. One thing at a time though.