Want to get better HVAC

My work not long ago moved from a genuinely substantial building to a much smaller 1. This was after the greatest wave of cutbacks plus downsizing, which is what they call firing people these days, and I am counting our blessings that I still have a job, quite frankly, because the economy has really crippled our business. I work in the IT department, so I assume that if they want to let myself and others go it is because the total corporation is going under. This may happen sooner rather than later, but for now I will just keep doing our job. In the current offices, I am having a demon of a time with the cooling system, although I don’t want to complain about it. The possibilities of our boss having the money for lots of air conditioner repairs are slim to none, so why even bring it up to him? It isn’t even that the A/C itself is not good, it has more to do with all the heating that gets generated in the IT offices. We have tons of waitresses plus PC towers here networked together, plus the combined heater is just shy of being the temperature of a roaring furnace. I have to spend most of our day in this office space, plus I can barely even assume the cooling system. I brought in some ceiling fans to help the air circulation, however that nothing to dispel the high levels of warmth.

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