Want to go green

Ever since a friend of mine has been talking about geothermal HVAC systems, I have been thinking about getting one. These types of HVAC systems sound absolutely amazing. These systems are installed by drilling into the Earth and then utilizing the Earth’s natural heating and cooling to heat and cool your home. You basically use a heat pump to move the heating and cooling into your household. The best thing about this type of HVAC system is the fact that there is no combustion involved. This essentially means that there are no harmful emissions going into the atmosphere and also there are no concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning. With your standard gas furnace, if the heat exchanger becomes compromised, you will be at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as it will be leaking into your breathing air. I for one, do not like to have to worry about such poison entering into my lungs. The very thought of that makes me not want to use any sort of gas heating system. That’s why I was happy to learn about these geothermal HVAC systems from my good friend. I really love the fact that you are able to get your heating and cooling naturally from the Earth. It seems to me that everybody around should have this type of HVAC system so we are not polluting the atmosphere with all these harmful emissions. If we are thinking about the future and keeping the environment healthy, this is definitely the way to move forward! I have been saving my money so that eventually I will be able to install this type of HVAC into my household.

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