Want to have the ac upped

It’s a funny thing to me how people try to shove living things into tiny, neat little boxes. We should be able to accurately predict everything that can happen, according to anyone with a smartphone. See, the trouble with this is that you cannot accurately predict what your body is going to do, as some people react differently than others! If you’re thinking that your office building feels closer to 65 degrees, you body might prefer to be warmer and slightly more humid at 75 degrees.That’s my thoughts at least, since my coworkers seem to enjoy having lots of flowing fresh air inside the office. Awesome for them, but awful for someone like me who can get the chills just from a good air conditioning system! I can’t keep the ventilation system running all day long like they can – not by choice! They personally love it and feel most comfortable when the indoor temperature is set at about 67 degrees, while I love hot humid temperatures in the neighborhood of 77 degrees. Ten degrees do make a world of a difference! I don’t know it should be such a problem for us to compromise on the indoor air temperature controls, but they aren’t willing to budge – not one inch. They insist that I, most likely, would be fabricating a story about my temperature preferences. Nevermind that I get sinus infections due to the overly cold work environment – keep the A/C system running! I’m not sure how I can convince them that we just run at different temperatures and need to be fair about using the A/C system as well as the oil furnace for heat. They don’t even have to run a heating system, if they would just stop using the A/C so often!