Want to pre chill down the hotel room before we go

My mother and I have a trip planned to the immense city. The people I was with and I are big musical lovers and we are going to see a show and go to a concert. Since the trip is over her birthday, I crammed a surprise musical early in the afternoon of the trip. Right when we arrive, we need to taxi and hurry to the show. I am a little bit upset about the time. From landing at the airport and to the show is a total of numerous hours. The people I was with and I have to drive, check in and walk to the theater in that timeframe. It is totally doable, but things are going to get cut. Weirdly enough, I enjoy getting into a hotel room early. I want to throw all my bags down, unpack and turn up the AC. The people I was with and I are going in the Summer and I think the hotel will not have the cooling set appropriately. They will have light cooling system and the room will be toasty. I would enjoy to check in, lower the temperature control and then change clothes. Then, we see the show and come back to a room that is perfectly cooled. But, can I genuinely risk possibly being late to the show over cooling system? The show cost me about $400. That is not worth missing 1 hour since I want the room colder. I sprung for a wonderful hotel too. I am sure the A/C component can cool the room suddenly. I can get quality A/C just as easily afterwards. It is just a odd thing I have. Maybe everything will take less time than I think and I will get into our room earlier.

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