Warm nights on my days off, thanks to my fireplace

I am a nurse and I mostly work in the emergency department at a hospital! I live in an area where the winters are brutal.

  • Winters are usually the most stressful time of the year for me, because there are many car accidents due to snow and ice, and communicable diseases tend to spread easily.

I work seriously long hours which takes a toll on our body, however commuting to and from work also adds to our stress levels, especially in the winter. I have to blast the heat in our car and defrost the front and back windshields just so it is safe for myself and others to drive. When I get afternoons off, I care about doing self care afternoons, this helps remind myself and others that there is more to life than work, and it also helps myself and others take better care of our patients. It is essential for health care workers to take care of themselves, so they can provide the best medical care for their patients. I am really looking forward to our self care day this Monday. I plan to sleep in and when I wake up I am going to read a book by the fireplace. It is supposed to snow on Monday, so it will be the perfect day to stay inside in the heat, however after I read a book by the fireplace, I am going to take a boiling bath and while I am in the bath I will use a new moisturizing face mask that I purchased. After I take a boiling bath, I will put a boiling bathrobe on and walk onto the radiant radiant floors in our lavatory. I will then rest in our central heat, drinking boiling chocolate and eating popcorn for hours while catching up on our number one shows.


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