Warming up all the rooms

I live in a small apartment, which can be rough for some. I don’t mind the size of it though – it has everything I need! There is plenty of storage space, with modern appliances and furniture as well as excellent air conditioning systems. I also have my own garage downstairs for my car! Nice as all that is, the best part of the home is that I have a washer as well as dryer right in my apartment! I feel lucky to have this – all the people I know seem to not have this luxury, and rely on traveling to laundromats instead. The dryer does heat up my small unit rather suddenly though, which can be a real pain. I won’t lie – it makes me crazy sometimes! When the dryer has been running for an hour, the apartment gets hot enough for me to open up the windows in the winter. In preparation to use the dryer, I turn off the heating system since it won’t be needed. I also open up one or two windows, just to ensure air will circulate. I have complained to the landlord about this issue before, though all he can offer me is the fact that bad ventilation is what’s causing the heat to rise. It’s true – my home wasn’t built with good ventilation! He said my only option would be to remove the washer as well as dryer completely, since the complex won’t remodel the apartment with me in it. I don’t want to give this up, so I’ll just push through for now. I try to time my laundry for when I am leaving for work though, so that by the time I return home, my laundry is done and the apartment isn’t a giant sauna anymore.

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