Was able to make my case to my brother, but now I need to convince my wife

I really must say, I haven’t always agreed with my brother over the years but I love and respect the man.

He always has a logical way when it comes to solving problems and that’s something I appreciate about him.

He actually listens unlike most people, and he will hear your side of whatever it is without making a fuss. So recently I was telling him how my wife and I wanted to get a new HVAC system. He already knew where I was going and said that we likely wanted two entirely different HVAC systems and had to figure out how to choose. He was exactly right. She wanted those fancy radiant heated floors and I wanted something good for the environment like a geothermal HVAC system. He let me know that those are extremely expensive. While that is true, I told him eventually I would recover the investment because the energy bills would be so low. Not to mention I would be protecting my family from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Geothermal heat pumps have no combustion and therefore no harmful risks. After making my case, my brother agreed that the geothermal HVAC would probably be the best in the long term as they last longer and require minimal maintenance. Now that my brother agrees with me, I just need to be able to make the case to my wife, but I do have a feeling that I am probably going to lose and we will have radiant heated floors within the month. I guess I could learn to live with that.

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