Was feeling something like a hero after I installed our new HVAC system

By the time I was done, I felt something like a hero

I couldn’t tell you how I would keep my sanity if I didn’t have my wife in my life. We work as a team so we have things we must do to keep everything going smoothly. While she’s taking care of keeping things in order around the house and paying the bills, I will be working on plumbing, repairing the roof, fixing the toilet, and things of that nature. I also make sure to change the air filters for the HVAC system regularly. There have been times when I wished that we could get a better HVAC system that didn’t need to have air filters changed all of the time. I decided to look into my options and learned that there are hydronic heating and cooling systems that would work. That would be a pretty interesting way to cool down a house, with a hydronic HVAC system. Something that was more appealing to me however was the ductless mini split system. With a ductless mini split, I would no longer have to utilize a ductwork system. I wouldn’t have to have it resealed, upgraded or anything. I was concerned about that too because that would be extremely expensive. Another thing is having the ductwork system cleaned. I hate having to do that all of the time but it’s necessary for the sake of the air quality. So I ended up doing the manly thing and ordered a DIY ductless mini split. I studied how to install this type of HVAC and I got to work. By the time I was done, I felt something like a hero. My wife loved the new heating and cooling system and I felt great because I didn’t have to worry about air filters any more. I just have to clean the HVAC components once per month.

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