Was gone 2 months; squirrels took over

I will admit, this trip has been a lot longer than I ever anticipated.

When I set off to drive across the country and stay with my family, I expected to be back home within two weeks. Instead, I wound up staying for two months. It simply seemed like the smart solution to avoid contrasting the COVID-19 virus and to keep everyone I love safe. Unfortunately, in the short period that I was gone, my own indoor air quality control equipment was completely destroyed at my house. So much for my own health and safety when I return back to my home, because my central HVAC is going to need a full rebuild. You see, when I was departing the house apparently I didn’t make sure that my outdoor air exchange vent was in perfection condition. Why would I? I had no reason to think that the outdoor entrance to my central HVAC system had been compromised. In fact, there was a gaping hole in this outdoor exchange vent. The result? Squirrels taking over my HVAC plan. Apparently, a family of squirrels promptly moved into my air duct network and appreciated the relatively cool and comfortable space. They began filling my air ducts with nesting material and procreating in my central HVAC system. I had kept my AC system on an eco setting to avoid growing mold and mildew in the house. As such, whenever the indoor air quality control device would start running, the AC unit would suck the nesting material and fur straight into my cooling system. After being gone for two months, nature effectively took over my home from the central cooling system outwards.

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