Wasn’t ready for the cold – came in through A/C unit

There are times in life when I should think better, and for instance, I grew up in the far north eastern region of the country.

I am truly respected with abrupt weather changes plus the onset of an intense Winter time without warning. I should think better than to be unprepared for a rapid shift in outdoor weather conditions. However, I suppose that residing in the mild plus overheated South for the past few years has dulled our sense of urgency when it comes to outdoor weather conditions. Most of the time, you think what to expect in the South. It’s hot. It’s easy to system your life around it. However, residing up in the north I was pretty accustomed to the weather shifting wildly from month to week. I should have known that that was still an option, no matter where I was residing. Foolishly, I was unprepared for Winter time weather to come flowing through our area in the middle of fall last year. I still had our A/C systems up plus running thanks to be continually overheated outdoor temperatures. I had not prepped our cooling systems for storage for the Winter time or had in our gas furnace professionally repair before cold air settled in, of course, the weather didn’t wait for me. One morning it was suddenly freezing cold plus snowing in our region. I was not at all prepared for this rapid shift in air temperature plus conditions.My A/C units were still blowing plus adding more cold air to the house, plus our gas furnace was giving off weird smells after being turned on without a professional repair appointment. I was not at all prepared for this cold air. I also wasn’t ready for our window A/C component to let a pile of snow into our entryway.

a/c representative