Watching moves with great HVAC

I really enjoy seasoned motion pictures, especially the westerns, and the thing that is crazy to guess about though, was how these people really lived without an air conditioner! You see these people in these seasoned motion pictures and they are really boiling in their desert environment. The best they can do is to get some water to cool off a little. They didn’t even have swimming pools or fans to keep cool. They could always go swimming in a lake or a river, but that was about it, however, I was thinking that I would never be able to survive in that type of humanity that didn’t have any access to cooling technology. That would be a real nightmare for me, however regardless though, I easily enjoyed these seasoned shows. There was always such excitement when there were gunfights, train robberies, and crazy situations like that. It’s a shame though, when they go to the saloon, they can’t even get ice in their drinks! I believe the only way to get ice back then is from places that were frozen, and then the ice would have to be transferred to the boiling regions. Of course, the ice wouldn’t make it without melting, so that would be really hard to do. I’m just thankful that we really do have current day heating and cooling technology that allows us to be really comfortable. I adore watching these shows in almost chilly conditions with a big quilt on me and while I do assume exhausting for those people who had to deal with the intense heat back then, I remember that the people I see on the television are only actors who are able to get as much cooling system as they want after motion pictureing.