Watching the dogs and a/c

In an attempt to find other ways to make more money, I’ve also been looking at where I’m spending money. I found this giant tendency of mine, where I spend more than I make on clothes and hats. Hats! Why? When I found a job that was simple and paid fair, I was super excited. One of our neighbors was going on a trip out of the country for a few weeks, so they asked if I would stay at their house and watch their dogs while they were gone… easy money! All I had to do was watch the dogs and take them out to walk every few hours. It doesn’t get much easier than that right? Well, that was far from the truth! The dog is undoubtedly particular about how cool the room is. I found out that she is a huge fan of having the cooling system cranked up to the max, and if I would try to turn down the air conditioning system and elect the furnace in its place, she would immediately begin to bark and howl until I changed it back. The only time I had to get out of the frigid air conditioning system was on our dog walks, but she is so old and lazy that we couldn’t walk more than 5 minutes. She wanted to go back in no time at all! I was literally so frigid over those two weeks, I would have to wear a coat to bed at night! I think with all of this money I’m going to be making, I think I will have to buy a new gas furnace at home just to unfreeze!

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