Water softener did not fix hard water-damaged all our fixtures

I have lived all my life with hard water. Hard water is the worst thing in the entire world. The water is pumped from the ground, stored in our water tank and then pumped out of the tap. Before the water comes out of the faucets and plumbing fixtures, it should go through a water softener. My husband and I have tried all the water softeners on the market. Our hard water is so bad that is literally clogs the water softener. The filter with the softener should be able to catch the magnesium and calcium from going through our piping. There is so much that the softeners do not work. There is also an anode rod on the water heater that catches sediment. The anode rod always gets messed up by our sediment. My husband ends up taking out the rod, and ruining our hot water tank warranty in the process. We then have to use the disgusting water. My family can’t drink our tap water. We have to boil the water anytime we cook or clean with it too. The worst is that the water ruins anything it touches. Our hair is slightly orange and frizzy. Our dentist always remembers that we have hard water because our teeth are stained. The water also corrodes piping and ruins all our plumbing fixtures. Rust and scale build up happen in the shower frequently. The deposits clog the shower head where no water can come out. The aerator on the sink faucets have to be removed for the same reason. Hard water is the absolute worst.

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