Ways I am improving my air quality

I have been trying to improve the indoor air quality in my home. Before buying any air quality product, I am going to try things around the house. One thing I read is that opening windows is a good idea to freshen the air conditions. The outside air is actually much cleaner than what you are breathing inside. The outdoor air is constantly cycling and getting more fresh. Inside has the same, stale air conditions. Exhaust fans in the kitchen are a good idea to cycle that dirty air quality. The fans can move the grease and bad smells to let them dissipate around the home. All the other tips I read pertain to cleaning the home. Clean your HVAC equipment, change the air filter regularly, vacuum and even invest in a doormat. I have tried all of these air quality tips and I don’t know if it is any better. I think I might have to cave and purchase some things to help. I could get a humidifier or dehumidifier to control the moisture in the air quality. I could get UV lights to freshen the air I breathe in. I could even invest in an air purification method that not only cleans the air, but removes all the gross smells in the home. None of these devices will cost too much and could be installed in my HVAC. However, I don’t know if it is worth putting all this work in to just get fresher air. How big of a deal is clean air quality? Hopefully not too much.

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