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A couple of years ago, my wife and I started having trouble with our HVAC unit. At first, we thought the unit needed to be cleaned and investigated. After three repairs in less than four years, we knew it was time to look for a new HVAC unit. With help from our distributor, my wife and I chose a new 4 ton HVAC unit with forced heat and air. Our installation was scheduled for last Thursday. On Wednesday, the HVAC supplier called to tell us that the unit did not come in the shipment. We had to wait another day, so the HVAC unit could be delivered. The next day, the HVAC technician showed up with our new HVAC unit. He worked diligently for hours, removing all of the parts and pieces from our old HVAC unit. I was in the garage, when the technician opened the box to our new unit. I heard him say oops under his breath, and I knew that meant trouble. That’s when I found out that the wrong unit had been shipped. Our entire system was already in pieces and parts. The technician got on the phone with the owner. About twenty minutes later, the owner knocked on the front door. He explained everything that was happening, and apologized for the terrible confusion. He got the right unit delivered the next day, and gave us twenty percent of four entire purchase. We went without A/C for a whole day, but we saved almost six hundred dollars. The HVAC provider did everything they could, to make sure we were pleased with the service.

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