We all need insurance

When you go to buy a house, you buy your homeowners insurance.  When you go to buy a car, you need to buy car insurance. You have health insurance and death insurance.  When you buy your home, you also have all of the inspections done to see what could be wrong. You do the same thing with your car.  You have regular health check-ups. Everything is the same concept. You take all of your precautions to help keep something from going wrong.  We don’t fear the home buying or the car buying. We don’t fear getting sick when we have our health insurance. We shouldn’t fear the possibility of radon in our home.  I believe that having mold could be more dangerous than radon. Radon can be mitigated. The mitigation system is nothing more than a system with pipes and a fan to help pull any possible lingering radon out of the house.  It is our radon insurance. If we build a home, they put in the foundation complete with the gravel, plastic and concrete to help us keep radon out. Mold comes from moisture. The whole thing with this article is to let people know that with the proper insurance and foundation, we can feel safe with every part of our life, including radon.  I’m not going to not drive because I am afraid of wrecking the car. I’m not going to stay cooped up in my home because I am afraid of getting sick. That would all be silly. I’m not going to shy away from the perfect house because it came up positive with a radon test. I’m going to get my insurance with the help of a radon mitigation system.

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