We all want a quality air conditioner

For our work, I travel all over the world and visit some amazing locales.  Over the decades, I’ve made it a point to purchase paintings from every location.  Sometimes, these paintings are very expensive but increase in value. Most often, the art simply appeals to myself and others for all the right reasons.  I show the paintings on every wall of our home, plus I’ve gathered a truly impressive collection. Framed in oak plus painted on canvas, the artwork is exposed to destruction from unstable air quality.  Unregulated moisture in the air does actually dry out plus break both the painting plus wooden frames. Excessive humidity might cause the wooden frames to bulge plus warp, and even lead to dirt or mildew.  Since we live in an part of the country with long, extreme Winter weather plus warm, sultry Summer weather, air regulation is a constant issue. During the colder weather, our furnace runs at max capacity for literally months straight.  The indoor conditions can be rendered uncomfortably dry, which causes all sorts of air quality situations. The opposite is the case in the heat, with such high moisture there’s often condensation sliding down the window glass. To protect the soul of the artwork, we’ve invested in whole-space dehumidifier plus humidifier, that work in tandem with the heating & cooling components.  These air quality accessories significantly improved the comfort of the our space plus saved myself and others quite a bit of currency. I don’t need to trust as heavily on both the furnace or air conditioning, reducing energy use plus lowering daily costs. By minimizing the effort of the furnace & air conditioning, I expect the equipment to live longer plus succumb to less repairs.

indoor air quality