We are building a new couch

About several years ago, my wifey and I built a brand new beach home from the ground up.  The two of us devoted a good deal of time and research to planning the layout of the house.  She and I invested in custom sized windows, hardwood floors, concrete countertops, and state of the art appliances.  When it came time to decorate the home, she and I were at a complete loss. None of our outdated furniture was suitable for such a new design.  Although we searched local stores and online, we couldn’t find anything we liked. The furniture, curtains, and bedding seemed truly low quality and generic.  We finally contacted a local custom furniture shop for help. The designer walked through the beach home with myself and my wifey; she listened to our preferences, ideas and goals for each space.  The three of us discussed colors, fabrics, styles, and the purpose of each room. Because each piece is designed and constructed from scratch, in-house, there was no concern matching particular sizes, fabrics or requirements.  Every chair, table, pillow, and curtain is custom created and one-of-a-kind. While the process was time-consuming and rather costly, the results are truly perfect. Plus, we can be sure of the quality of the furnishings and trust them to hold up to extensive wear and tear.  The custom furniture shop delivered each piece, helped with setup and stands behind their work with outstanding warranties. My wifey was able to go through this same custom furniture shop for everything from the beds and sheets to our kitchen table and throw pillows. Because a single designer and the two of us made all of the decisions, there is an appealing continuity to the style of the beach home.