We are cutting back on the bills

I have really been cutting back on my spending lately. I am trying to save up enough money for this epic concert. The problem is, the concert is in another country, so instead of just saving up for a ticket (which is expensive) I also need plane fare, lodging, and traveling money as well. I want to see this show badly enough that I have cut all my other spending down to the absolute bare necessities. For example, my city offers free bus fare, so I stopped driving to work and started taking the bus instead. Another, more painful example would be how I hardly ever use my air conditioning any more, even though I very much want to. When I realized how much in utility costs I was paying each month just for my climate control system, I knew I had to make a change. If I didn’t use my A/C at all during the month, I could save up to a hundred bucks, which is no small amount for someone like me. Every night I fight myself to keep from switching on the thermostat and flooding the house with cooling air, and then every night I remind myself about the concert. This had better be the best show of all time, because it is costing me months worth of comfort and air conditioning, during the hottest time of year. If it starts getting much hotter, though, I may break down and turn the A/C system back on, maybe for just one night, just to remind myself how it feels.

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