We are feeling relieved

In my experience, I’ve learned the hard way that there are just some things you should trust to the pros. For some folks, they never want to hire a professional, feeling that they can do anything. Either that or they’re too cheap. Our generation has come to rely on the internet as the source of everything and anything. You can find information and guides to do virtually anything, yet most are hesitant to attempt the most even the simplest do-it-yourself projects. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing, but recently attempted what I consider a major undertaking. I actually installed my own ductless mini-split Heating and A/C system in my garage! I have an attached  two car garage, but I hardly ever park my car in there. I park in the carport, saving the garage as a workspace for my messy hobbies such as staining or painting. The only concern I have while doing my projects is that since I leave the garage doors wide open, I feel vulnerable to someone or something catching me by surprise. I decided to do something about it, which is when I decided to install a small heating and air conditioning system in the garage. With no windows in the garage, a window-mounted air conditioner wasn’t possible. That’s when I studied up on ductless mini-split systems, which sounded like the perfect mixture! Since ductless mini-split systems are just that – ductless – the plan is composed of an outdoor air compressor and an indoor air handler. To install the system, I simply had to set up the outdoor air compressor near the exterior wall of the garage. Then I had to drill a hole through the wall big enough to fit all the cables and piping through to the inside of the garage. Next I had to install the actual air handling unit on an indoor wall. Lastly, I made sure there was power running to the entire system. Before turning the HVAC system on, I said a small prayer. When the power was flipped on and the unit started running, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I couldn’t believe I installed this entire thing on my own! Now it’s got me wondering what else can I accomplish?

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