We are going to move

I live in the deep south where it is swampy & humid even in the dry season of the colder months.  We tend to get a lot of rain & thunderstorms in the late Summer when it’s the hottest & most humid out.  Our electrical grid in this section isn’t fantastic, not to mention the jungle-like environment with tall trees & branches forking out from the ground in every conceivable direction.  Without fail, every year when September rolls around, the rainstorms barrell their way in & my power goes out at least four times a month. I didn’t worry much of it when I first moved down here because I was used to living in a more arid environment up north where a half-day power outage just meant you’d spend most of your day in the sun without much extra fuss or hassle.  But where I live right now it gets honestly miserable inside my house if my power goes out for even just a few hours at a time. My older cooling system has a difficult enough time as it is trying to keep up when it has a steady stream of power running to it. But if I lose electricity, the indoor temperatures start to skyrocket fast. The worst part of all is the nasty humidity.  It makes my skin feel sticky & it aggravates my allergies, so anytime the power cuts off my heart drops waiting & hoping that it will kick right back on–as it does at least half of the time–and the fear in anticipating what’s to come is enough to put me out cold. I just need to get used to this southern environment & tell myself that it’s a necessary evil a handful of times out of the year.

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