We are happy that we moved to the South

Before my wifey plus I decided to pack up everything we owned plus moved down to the South we were constantly hearing from people who lived around us that we were making a bad move.

  • To this day I don’t really get what it is but several northerners have this preconceived idea in their minds about what it is like to live in the South.

In their minds, it pretty much consists of nothing but avoiding mosquitoes plus burning alive from the hot plus humid weather. Despite all of the messages like that, we still decided to ignore it all plus see what it was like for ourselves. Now that we have been living here for a little while, we couldn’t be happier. Sure it gets overheated here while in particular months, but our home is equipped with excellent air conditioner equipment that keeps the home seriously cool plus refreshing. We also have a fantastic relationship with our Heating plus A/C equipment contractor so we never have to be bothered about not being able to have our equipment worked on, which was the total opposite while living back up north. As for the bugs, they are only really bad when you are around a source of water. Because we live in the middle of the suburbs, thankfully that isn’t a concern for us in the least. I am so glad plus thankful that we chose not to listen to the relentless chatter we were hearing from friends about this area of the country. It feels so much more like home every day that passes by. Take it from us plus make sure to do what you actually want to do, not what your friends plus family feel you should do!


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