We are hoping for a high price

We’re putting up our old house on the market very soon – next month, in fact! To make sure we have the best appeal, we are doing some final renovations to the house, and cleaning the heck out of it before it gets an appraisal. The two of us had several pieces of equipment completely replaced, and the last on the to-do list is to thoroughly cleanse the HVAC system. I can only hope, though, that we don’t end up needing to completely replace the system! If it’s up to par, both of us can get away without needing to completely replace the whole system. To play it safe, we are calling an HVAC business to supply us with an evaluation. Once the HVAC professional arrives, we’ll be wary yet eager to learn about his findings. Fast forward to today, and after a thorough analysis of the entire HVAC system, we were fortunate to find that he had only suggested having a thorough HVAC duct cleansing performed. He could get it done within a few hours and it wouldn’t cost us a fortune! Overall, we feel far more ready and prepared to put our little house on the market! Last but certainly not least, we just have to hope for a high price in the house appraisal.

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